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Thank you for considering making a financial contribution to Libumba Inclusion Initiative!
Your donation will be made into our fiscal sponsors, Kudvumisa Foundation's bank account. Kudvumisa Foundation is a non-profit registered 501(c)(3).

Click the "donate" button for ways to donate.

You can choose where we employ your donation:
For Electronic Fund Donations (EFT's):
In your reference, state which component you would like to donate to, namely:

  • A General donation will go towards the most urgent needs within the program.
  • Livelihoods: Equip and support micro-business start-up training and loans.
  • Empowerment: Help us train family members and the community regarding the rights of children with disabilities and how to advocate for their rights
  • Social: Help us host awareness events and run mentorship programmes with teens.
  • Education: Help us host basic concept groups to help children with learning difficulties catch up with the concepts they missed out!

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Whether you are an artist or an engineer, love running around or prefer a craft activity, have a lot to say or prefer the observer's seat, we have a spot for you!

Please contact us to find out more about how you can volunteer for a short period or for a longer period of time. We would love to connect and have a discussion with you about volunteering options.