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In collaboration with Community Engagement and Rehabilitation Association (CERA), we have been serving children with orthotic needs. There are many children who have not had the required early intervention, and hence developed deformities that now require orthotic assistance. This includes, amongst other things, untreated club foot and bow leggedness.

The team at CERA has shown a passion for bringing help to people who would not otherwise be able to afford orthotics. We have enjoyed seeing how the CERA team takes on any challenge! Thank you CERA!


Our First Graduates!

In collaboration with Operation Hope International, 6 families participated in our first micro-business start-up and management training. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we could only accommodate a small group. Families who were found to be in greatest need were invited to participate in the first "Small Change" training programme. The first 7 participants have successfully completed the theory phase of training and have now been started on the practical phase. They are mentored through the process of building a business plan, and once their plan is approved, they will receive a small loan. By paying back the initial interest-free loan, families will qualify for larger loans to help them expand their businesses.