We are a nonprofit, faith-based organization working in the community with children with disabilities and their families to facilitate inclusion in all spheres of life.

Since 2019, we have worked in the Lubombo region of Eswatini to bring about change for children living with disabilities and their families.

Built on the WHO's Community-Based Rehabilitation model, we assist our members to gain access to services in health, livelihoods, social inclusion, and empowerment. 

We collaborate with local stakeholders to improve accessibility, to increase awareness, and to provide the support that our families need to overcome discrimination and obstacles. Libumba works towards being an appropriate and sustainable programme by placing community involvement and collaboration at the heart of all we do. This enables us to address the concerns of the community with the community and to empower those affected to bring about the change they need.


What We Do

Facilitate Access to


We support families to overcome barriers in access to basic healthcare and facilitate access to specialist healthcare services. 

Facilitate Access to


In collaboration with Operation Hope International, we work to improve micro-business knowledge and skills. Through training and mentoring we support members in the start-up and management of businesses. 

Facilitate Inclusion in

Social Sphere

By increasing awareness and understanding of disability, we aim to reduce stigma and discrimination against children with disabilities and their families. We work towards meaningful inclusion of children in everyday social and cultural activities. 

Child and Family


Through improved knowledge and understanding regarding disability and the rights of children with disabilities, we aim to empower children and their caregivers to bring change in their communities.  

Enhance Sustainability through


Community involvement and collaboration with existing organizations and structures are central to our service delivery model. By working with existing resources in our area and in Eswatini as a whole, we aim to increase local involvement and sustainability. 

Skills training for

Skilled Support

In 2022, we launched a training programme for Community Disability Workers! We will meet the need for on-the-ground support for families by providing a formal training course to community members. We are training 12 family members of persons with disabilities - women who have a passion for inclusion and experience in living with persons with disabilities. 

Impact Stories

Ntombi was confined to her one-bedroom house

When we met Ntombi, she was unable to walk and her wheelchair was broken. She missed going to church with her family, where she loves to sing and see people.

After fitting Ntombi with orthotics to help her feet stay aligned, she is now walking around the homestead (yard) using a walking frame and using her fixed wheelchair to travel to church!

"Now we can have tea every morning"

Gogo Fikile is the caregiver of 8 young children, one of whom has severe, untreated, bow legs. Before COVID-19, Gogo would sell fat cakes at the school gates for an income, but since COVID this business had to stop. Gogo was the recipient one of our chicken coops with layer chickens, and has been doing well selling the eggs. She reported to us “I would like to thank you for what you have done for my family. Because I am able to save money from the eggs I sell, we have been able to drink tea every morning! We have food in the house and I was even able to buy the children clothes!”