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Alett-Marie Burger

Occupational Therapist

Helene Knight

Occupational Therapist

Nonophile Mlotsa

Nolundi Gamedze

Mdola Gamedze


Mother of child with CP
Disability activist

Our Board of Advisors


Dr. Jonathan Pons

Dr. Pons has built a world-class eye clinic in the small town of Siteki. He was the instigator of Libumba Inclusion Initiative and served as programme director during the first year of programme development. Dr Pons is a visionary with an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience.


Thobani Zikalala

Thobani, who is from a rural area in the Lubombo Region, was born with spina bifida. He knows first-hand the hardships of isolation, exclusion, and discrimination faced by children with disabilities. However, he is a living example of the fact that everyone can reach their potential when they have the support and love of those around them. Now, Thobani is a businessman, an agriculturalist, and a Swazi champion for persons with disabilities. He does half-marathons, plays wheelchair basketball, and started up a layer chicken project for persons with disabilities in his home area. Thobani has a passion for people with disabilities and feels it's his turn to give back to the community.


Nomsa Gamedze

Nomsa is a force of action, change, and upliftment in her community. She is the local manager of Operation Hope - an extension of her heart and passion for people. She describes herself as "Prayerful and an intercessor, because prayer is my oxygen and steering wheel." In her spare time she visits the sick and needy and starts community initiatives for those who are without food. 


Ricardo Arroyo

Ric, wearing the two caps of engineer and pastor, works with HopeAlive268. He is process-minded and Jesus-hearted, practical and caring. Ric will come pull us out of the mud when we're stuck, literally and figurately. 

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Sr. Phila Souza

Sr. Phila works for the Good Shepherd Hospital's Home-Based Care team. She is not only a nurse by profession, but by heart. She goes the extra mile, understands community work, and understands the challenges that people living in deep rural areas face.


Lynda Arroyo

Lynda was born in Eswatini and felt the Lord's call to return here after years in the USA. She has built up HopeAlive268, an incredible NGO working with orphaned and vulnerable children. Lynda and her husband, Ric, are servant-hearted and amazing teachers of life. The Libumba team is privileged to be able to learn from her vast knowledge and experience in working with children within the setting of Eswatini. 


Dr. Al and Kathleen Hartmann

Kathleen and dr Al Hartmann have dedicated their hearts to the sick in the Lubombo Region of Eswatini. Kathleen, who is a nurse by profession, helped to start Home-Based Care at the Good Shepherd Hospital 20 years ago. Whether at home in New York City or out in the Swazi bush, Kathleen and dr Al advocate for the needs of the sick and, in generosity of all kinds, serve the people they have grown to love as their own. 


Dumsile Shiba

Gogo (granny) Dumsile certainly does not act her age! The picture of energy and enthusiasm, Dumsile was Libumba's first community guide and translator. She is an expert in Swazi culture, a counselor, social worker, a church planter, preacher, and lecturer at the Nazarene School of Theology. We know we can always count on her for some good advice and an extra dollop of prayer!