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Helping neglected communities find health and fullness of life.

Medical Mission Eswatini

MME collaborates with partner organisations to provide resilient, safe and sustainable improvements in health care. MME will serve poor and remote communities in Eswatini and Southern Africa valuing all people, to ensure health care is effective and accessible to all.



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Place of Dreams

Mabuda Guest Farm

Mabuda Guest Farm is a family-owned farm set on the beautiful Lubombo Mountain plateau. Mabuda is a guest farm and farms primarily with coffee, macadamia nuts and maize. Mabuda is also home to the Green Shed Coffee Shop, which roasts and sells the most delicious coffees! A large percentage of the profits made through the coffee sales are donated to Libumba Inclusion Initiative. 
Mabuda Guest Farm also generously hosts our fundraising runs, providing not only support for Libumba and the work we do, but also making sure our guests have a superb time in the beauty of this "place of dreams!"

We are very thankful for your support, Mabuda Guest Farm owners, staff and community! 


Kudvumisa Foundation

Kudvumisa Foundation is dedicated to providing quality, compassionate health care and empowering the disenfranchised to escape the grip of crushing poverty in the impoverished, marginalized, and isolated communities of Eswatini.

Kudvumisa works in the Lubombo Region, providing Christ-centered care through:

  • CHIPS - Community Health Intervention Programme in eSwatini, and
  • Economic development projects aimed towards finding local resources from the communities and linking them to already existing markets. 

Kudvumisa is also the proud employers of two Libumba-trained community disability workers, bringing holistic, inclusion-orientated services to children living with disabilities in the communities they serve.  

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Responding compassionately and collaboratively to abject poverty, marginalisation and injustice in Sri Lanka and Eswatini.

Operation Hope

Faith based community development organisation aiming to help strengthen the individual, the family and ultimately the larger community through prioritising education, health and welfare, promoting sustainable change and the opportunity for people to reach their full potential.

Our collaboration with Operation Hope allows us to provide holistic support to families through micro-business training and housing projects for those in need.   It is also through collaboration with OH that we are able to support our community disability worker trainees with funding for food and transport to enable them to attend the year-long training programme. 

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People Helping People

Community Engagement and Rehabilitation Association

A non- government, charitable organization that aims to work with community- and faith-based initiatives in the Kingdom of Eswatini in promoting humanity. 

Our collaboration with CERA allows us to provide quality, affordable orthotics and prosthetics to children, increasing their function, their mobility, and preventing long-term effects of disability. 

Learn more about CERA at www.ceraeswatini.org